Available Fall 2022!
Nero-D’Avola/Zinfandel Blend juice
50% Nero-D’Avola juice and 50% Zinfandel juice.

Just wanted to let you know your wines are ready and aged to a great taste, usually within one year.  Your Nero D’Avola/Zinfandel Blend is ready in about Six months.  We give our homemade wines from your wine juices to friends and relatives that are also impressed with how quickly they aged to a great taste. Niagara wine juices can take two to four years to age into a great-tasting wine.


Thanks, Joe, for providing great wine juices to the home hobbyist that competes with the best.

– Dale and Cindy

Just bottled the Nero D'Avola/Zinfandel blend; it's fantastic!

– Brian

The Nero D'Avola - Zin is great! 

– Marty Blazic

Racking this wine today FANTASTIC! I like it better than the pinot from last year (which is very good). Happy Easter!  

– Brian Rigg

Happy customers, loaded and ready to make wine.

Grapes imported directly from Chile.

Happy Mercurio customer for over a decade now.
Happy Mercurio customer for over a decade now.

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Out of state customers picking up their grapes.
Out of state customers picking up their grapes.

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Happy Mercurio customer for over a decade now.
Happy Mercurio customer for over a decade now.

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DiYanni family 2
DiYanni family 1

The DiYanni family has been Mercurio customers for over 20 years! 4th generation making wine from Chilean and Northern California grapes.


One of many loyal customers for over 25 years and second generation, loading 60 gallon drums of Zinfandel and Muscat juice.

Generations of Winemakers

What our customers are saying

Had a bottle of the Pinotage a couple of nights ago. It was beautiful, so full of flavor and body, yet so smooth. We will be getting five pails in the Spring sale.   

– Allan Rigoni

Joe, Last April 2021, I ordered 5 different wine Juices from Chile. We bottled the wine a few weeks ago. The wine is some of the very best we have made in the last several years. Can't wait till next spring to order Chilian juice. It takes an excellent product to make great wine. 

– Bob Shields

Crushed last night.. very nice grapes.. all were 25-26 Brix.

Perfect!  Thx!  

– CY from WV

...we drank the Pinotage wine last night. That was excellent. I’ve never had that variety of juice before. Any chance you have any of that in stock to get rid of?  

– Randy Krites, customer


Your juice is so much better!

– Zack, customer

...we're cutting back on some winemaking, but your stuff is so good we would like to get a couple of buckets.  

– Dave and Ginny R, customer

Opened a bottle of Pinotage, very smooth... The softest, smoothest wine I have ever tasted. A big change since the last bottle I opened.  

– Allan R

I see from your orders you get a lot of Chilean. I tell you that Chilean Chardonnay is very very good. I wish I were in the wine making business because I see you get Pinotage from South Africa.   

– Dr. Charles Meckstroth

I bought the Zinfandel grape from you a couple of weeks ago. Everything works out really well. They are beautiful! Hand picked from God.   

– Danny Lucisano

For the last couple of years, our juice from Chile has been great. Their weather must be pretty consistent every year. My students and myself love it.   

 –Ted Young, winemaker consultant and teacher.

Member of the AWG club here in Columbus, Ohio